iOS 15 makes Memoji even more customizable

Do you like Memoji? Do you use them? Well. Apple with iOS 15 makes them even more customizable.

memoji iOS 15

Apple presented today iOS 15 during the WWDC 2021 keynote. In addition to the renewed experiences of iMessage is FaceTime, the company is also adding more customization to Memoji.

The Memoji feature has been a hit since Apple introduced it during the keynote presentation iPhone X. Using the sensor TrueDepth for reacting with his face, Memoji has received a lot of hype over the years. Since the company introduced Memoji Sticker, the feature has become available to all users, even those who didn’t have an iPhone with Face ID.

memoji iOS 15

With iOS 15, you can customize the Memoji, taking advantage of these new features:

  • Clothing: users can now customize their Memoji with over 40 clothing choices to reflect their style, mood or season and choose up to three different colors;
  • New accessibility options: three new accessibility options allow us to represent ourselves with cochlear implants, oxygen tubes or a soft helmet;
  • New stickers: nine new Memoji stickers allow us to send a shaka, a wave of the hand, a flash of genius and more.
  • Two different eye colors: now we can select a different color for the left eye and the right eye;
  • New glasses: introduced with three new eyewear options, including heart, star and retro shapes. Now you can also change the color of your frame and lenses;
  • Multicolored headdress: represent your favorite sports team or university by choosing up to three colors per headgear.

More information on iOS 15:

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