iOS 15: Health and privacy app are improved

Apple, with iOS 15, wants to overturn the approach to privacy and the Health app.

iOS 15 privacy health

The Health app will take advantage of a new metric called Walking Steadiness, that is walking stability, designed to offer users an assessment of the risk of falling before the event actually occurs, analyzing speed and uniformity of gait.

iOA 15 fall warning

Apple is also enriching the app with the ability to read i laboratory results. In order not to miss anything, with iOS 15, the Health app will also show users the trends for health data. Similar to the activity trends we’re familiar with on the Apple Watch, but will include even more health metrics.

health trends iOS 15

Users will also be able to share specific data from the Health app directly with doctors, this is a real novelty in the smartphone landscape. But we could have expected it from Apple. As it has proven us over and over again how much it cares about the health of users. There data sharing it will also be available among members of the “family”. Very interesting function, as it will allow you to receive alerts and remotely monitor the health of loved ones.

sharing family health data

Privacy for Apple is also important, so this feature will only work afterwards authorization by users. Therefore, family members will not have direct access to the Health app data before each individual user goes to share it.

During the WWDC a very delicate topic was touched: the Privacy. In this regard Federighi states:

“At Apple, we believe that privacy is a fundamental human right, we don’t think you have to choose between great features and privacy. You both deserve. “

Privacy iOS 15

We often don’t pay proper attention to important things, such as our privacy. For example, we use the internet every day and could be attacked and put our data at risk. During the event, Katie Skinner, Apple’s head of privacy engineering, began her speech by reiterating that Safari is the industry leader in cross-site tracking protection. And this year’s goal will be to make it even stronger by hiding our IP address from trackers. By the same principle, it will also be introduced Mail Privacy Protection for iCloud Mail. The new feature hides our IP address from senders so that we are not connected to other online activities. It will also prevent them from receiving location data or seeing exactly when the email is opened.

Also Siri will undergo a major privacy update, processing the audio directly on the device, thus solving the greatest fear that the user has version of the voice assistants: the fear of being heard without authorization. But not only. This novelty will also give us the ability to recall and take advantage of Siri, offline.

ICloud will also undergo a privacy update this year. Allowing you to add a recovery contact such as a family member or friend, so if you forget a password, you can send a code to help us get back into your account. Apple also supports legacy accounts so you can request access from deceased relatives to get photos that are important for the family to have access to.

privacy report app iOS 15

To close the circle, Apple will also introduce a privacy report of all apps. A bit like Safari already does.

in conclusion, our health and privacy should come first, and Apple helps us take better care of ourselves. But these are just some of the new in iOS 15 just presented.


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