iOS 15 can warn you if you are walking away from an AirTag or an Apple device

With iOS 15 a very important news will finally arrive and loudly requested by many users. Our iPhone can in fact warn us if we are straying too far from an AirTag or an Apple device.

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You will be able to activate this new notification from the application Where is it and we will be able to enable it not only for AirTag but also for other Apple devices in our possession. Just select the device and then enable the function Notify me when I leave. This new feature allows, in an intelligent way, to also provide some exceptions to prevent our iPhone from continuing to send notifications unnecessarily.

For example, we can add our home, avoiding constant reports for devices left at home. All in a capillary way and differentiating for each product. In short, if memory is not your forte, iOS 15 will come to your rescue, which will help you not to forget the AirPods Pro on the bar counter.


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