iOS 15 can block people in the Memories of the Photos app

With iOS 15, Apple introduced several new features in the Photos app, including the ability to control which people and places can appear in Memories that are automatically created within the app.

photo memories ios 15

If with iOS 14 it was possible to suggest the app to show fewer memories like the one selected, now it is possible to block people and places. In the “For you” section of the Photos app, you can long-press on an image with a person in the foreground and choose the option that allows you to limit its presence in the Memories and to prevent that specific photo from being selected.

These new controls they allow you to better manage what appears between the images in the foreground, avoiding to review unpleasant memories such as a former partner, a loved one who is no longer there or places linked to negative situations. With iOS 14, this feature was much more generic, while with iOS 15 you can be more specific and choose people, dates and places to show less in memories.


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