iOS 15 allows users to request a refund for in-app purchases in apps

Request a refund for in-app purchases iOS 15

In-app purchases within applications are, whether we like it or not, something common and do not seem to disappear in the short term. The problem faced by users chen they accidentally make a purchase or one of your children does it, is to contact Apple to request a refund.

Apple is aware that the process is not the best and with iOS 15 it has added a new option that will allow users request refunds for in-app purchases from within the app itself thanks to the new API StoreKit that all developers will have to implement.

Developers will have to implement this new feature within their applications. This option will be shown through the button Request refund. By clicking on this option, we have to indicate what is the problem for which we request a refund of the purchase we have made.

We can also know at any time the status of the request through the website that Apple makes available to us for Report a problem with an application.

Once we have sent the request, customers will receive an email from Apple in which you will inform us of the status of the return request. If the purchase is related to coins from a game and we have spent them, we can already forget to request a refund.

Apple launched the first beta of iOS 15 last Monday, a beta that at the moment is showing a fantastic stabilityHowever, it is more than advisable to wait until the first week of July, the week in which Apple will open the iOS 15 betas to users of the public beta program.

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