iOS 14 is installed on 90% of the latest iPhones

iOS 14 is now installed on 90% of iPhones introduced in the past four years, as confirmed by the new data shared by Apple.

ios 14 iphone

The 90% of the latest iPhones, i.e. those released in the last 4 years, run iOS 14 or later, 8% run iOS 13 and only 2% earlier versions. If we take all the iPhones in circulation as a basis, the percentage drops to 85% for iOS 14, while it remains at 8% for iOS 13 and 7% for previous versions.

Tablet side, 91% of iPads introduced in the past four years are running iPadOS 14, while the percentage drops to 79% if we take into account all the iPads in circulation.

Apple had previously shared numbers on iOS 14‌ installs in February. At the time, 86 percent of iPhones introduced in the past four years were running iOS 14.


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