iOS 13.4 will allow us to choose the quality of downloads and streaming of the TV app

Surely you have wondered on what occasion the hell is the TV app We have installed on our devices. A native app that came with iOS 12.3 and that collects the movies that we have purchased on iTunes and some streaming video services, yes, in the end it is an app whose target is Apple TV +, Apple’s streaming video service. Well, Apple wants us to use this app and for this it has been improving over time. The new: iOS 13.4 will allow us to decide the quality of streaming and video downloads. After the jump we give you more details.

This new iOS 13.4 still in its second beta, it will bring us these interesting possible configurations that will allow us to save mobile data and space on our devices when we download video through the TV app. It must be said that this it’s nothing new, it already exists in competing video applications, but we appreciate the fact that Apple cares about our devices and our pockets … The new configuration that we can apply in this iOS TV application is as follows:

  • Reproduction with Mobile data: adjust the size of the video we download with mobile data.
    • High quality: Playback uses more data but has a higher quality.
    • Data saving: data streaming limit to 600 megabytes per hour.
  • Downloads by Wifi: adjust the size of the video we download via Wi-Fi
    • High quality: slower downloads that take up more space on our device, have better video quality.
    • Quick downloads: Fast downloads that take up less space, video quality is worse.

Now we have to wait for Cupertino to release the final version of iOS 13.4 with all the news Bring this new version. We will keep you informed as soon as we have new news …

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