iFixit shows us the Mini LED screen of the new iPad Pro

iPad Pro mini led

We already have the new iPad Pro among us. Presented, ordered, and delivered. And as usual, the guys at iFixit have not had time to take a unit and put the screwdriver.

A new iPad Pro that structurally does not change much from the previous models, but all its components do. New screen, new processor, new camera, and new 5G antennas. Let’s see a disassembly initial.

A unit of the new iPad Pro has entered the laboratory of iFixitAnd its technicians have not taken a second to insert the screwdriver to “see” what is inside.

Its new XDR screen, the incorporation of the processor M1 and the new front camera raises the new iPad Pro to another level much higher than the rest of the company’s iPads.

By boat they have soon seen that its structure does not differ of the predecessor models. Apply heat to soften the glue that joins the screen to the chassis and voila! to gut it.

And the first thing they have seen under the screen are the new 5G antennas around the edges of the frame, and Apple’s new M1 processor. The front camera is also new, with an ultra-wide field of view.

And of course, another novelty is the Mini LED display. Until now, the backlighting of the old iPads was done by a strip of LEDs located on one edge of the screen.

On the other hand, this new iPad Pro with Mini LED screen uses a different backlighting system, based on small LED grilles They provide better image quality and contrast.

These are the first impressions after removing the display panel. Soon they will finish analyzing all the components, and they will be able to give us a more complete analysis of the iPad More powerful that Apple has never made, no doubt.

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