How, when and where to watch Apple’s WWDC 2021 live

Next Monday the WWDC 2021. This is the event for Apple developers, on whose first day iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS 12, watchOS 8 and tvOS 15 to be introduced, accompanied by who knows of a possible product. And you can follow all this live from wherever you want, as we tell you below.

How to watch WWDC 2021 and what time it is according to your country

The first opening day in which the previously discussed presentations will take place may be follow via telematics through the following channels:

  • Apple YouTube Channel
  • Apple’s official website
  • Apple TV app (iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV)

new event apple tim cook

Regarding the time, the broadcast will begin all over the world at the same time, therefore having the following hours as key:

  • 10:00 – Cupertino (United States).
  • 11:00 – Guatemala, Managua (Nicaragua), San Salvador (El Salvador) and Tegucigalpa (Honduras) and San José (Costa Rica).
  • 12:00 – Mexico DF (Mexico), Bogotá (Colombia), Lima (Peru), Panama (Panama) and Quito (Ecuador).
  • 13:00 – New York (United States), La Paz (Bolivia), Miami (USA), San Juan (Puerto Rico), Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), Caracas (Venezuela), Santiago (Chile) and Asunción (Paraguay).
  • 14:00 – Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Montevideo (Uruguay).
  • 18:00 – Canary Islands (Spain) and Lisbon (Portugal).
  • 19:00 – Mainland Spain, Ceuta, Melilla, Balearic Islands and Andorra.

If the area in which you live is not listed in the previous section, you can calculate the time difference through this link.

Special coverage of The Bitten Apple

At La Manzana Mordida we are known for bringing the best information in the Apple world and as soon as possible. Of course, in an event of this caliber we were not going to make an exception and you can follow our special coverage in different ways, as we will tell you below.

Through this website

As we have been doing for several years now, on this same website you can go following the news in real time in an article in which we will refresh the information a few seconds after Apple makes it known. In addition, this article will be accompanied by images with which to appreciate everything in a much more visual way and with other articles that will be published throughout the afternoon and that will be very useful for those who wish to test the company’s operating systems in advance .

wwdc web the bitten apple

On our YouTube channel

As is tradition at each Apple event, in our YouTube channel we will do a live broadcast with the impressions in real time of what the Californian company is presenting. And as is already tradition too, they will be Fernando del Moral Y David Hebrero Those who lead a new live video at around 6:45 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time) with guests who repeat from other coverage: Fabian Fernandez (Idearvlog), Diego Rodriguez (They call me Geek), Victor Correal and Guillem Santapau (NørdicWire).

wwdc youtube the bitten apple

From our Twitter account

Jose Morales, also known as Geekdegafas de Movilzona, will once again take the controls of our Twitter account to publish a thread in real time with everything that happens in the event. And all this accompanied by images and the particular point of view of Jose, who will surely ask for your participation so that you can comment on your impressions of what is being told.

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