How to Use Safari Private Browsing on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Features of private browsing mode

When activating private browsing on your Mac, iPhone or iPad, you have to take into account what affects your experience. Next, we break down all the characteristics that it can have in this regard.

Browsing history

One of the main ones that can be given to hidden navigation on any device is prevent your web activity from being recorded. Access to all the websites you make while browsing with this active mode will not be recorded in the public website history that you have in your browser. In this way, anyone who wants to know where you have been browsing will not be able to know in any case.

This allows any user to browse any web page without fear that later it will be possible to find out. This is where web pages focused on adults mainly come in, although also those of gifts or trips, avoiding at all times that it is possible to know where you have browsed, especially if you share the device with another person and they are somewhat gossipy.

Cookies and website data

Another feature to take into account is that cookies and the different data that are stored on the websites will not be recorded. This fully affects, for example, the advertisements and it is that when you are browsing in private browsing you will not have content that is personalized to your personal searches. This means that you can go completely unnoticed by these web pages always by not leaving any kind of trace with the visit you have made.

In addition to advertisements, some websites may also use this information to register your interest in certain topics concrete. The clearest example is the web pages of travel agencies or airlines that may end up adapting the price of your package to the visits you have made. That is why in many situations it is interesting to activate the hidden browsing mode in order to have the best possible experience.

Permissions granted to web pages

When visiting a web page it is possible that access to different features of the Mac itself is requested. The most common thing in these cases is to have access to the notification system so that when there is a relevant update on a web page, the necessary information through a notification or even the necessary permissions to access a webcam or the microphone itself.

When these permissions are given in these web pages this does not end up applying to when they are visited without the hidden browsing mode. That is why when you are in a normal navigation you will have to reactivate it again in all cases. It also applies in the case totally contrary. When the necessary permissions are given in normal browsing and you want to access the website in question again privately, you must also give the permissions since, as we have commented previously, the browsing data is not stored.

mac safari

Downloads allowed

Something in which many doubts can be generated is specifically in the downloads that can be made with this active mode. Contrary to what you can end up thinking in this mode, you can perform any type of download. Keep in mind that although you are browsing in this mode you are running the same risk of downloading content that is not safes for the device in question.

That is why you always have to be very careful with all the downloads that are made with this mode. In addition, knowing where you have been browsing at all times also pose a risk since these downloads are identical to those used in the classic browsing mode. The only difference that exists is that it will not be present in the Safari downloads list, only being stored in the corresponding folder.

Disadvantages of navigating in this way

Unfortunately, private browsing is not totally perfect and there are some drawbacks to take into account when using this mode as it does not completely disguise you from your time on the internet.

Web activity cannot be camouflaged

Keep in mind that browsing in incognito mode means that Safari does not store your web history and other data locally, such as cookies. But this does not mean that another important information may be visible to other people’s eyes. For example, the web pages that you are going to visit with this mode can display the location as well as the activity that you have carried out or also the sites where you log in with your personal account.

In addition, if you are connected to an institutional network, such as at the university, the administrator of the university may also know this information or the private internet service provider that you have contracted in your home. It is important that in this case the location and activity will be stored in the incognito browsing session, but once the ‘normal’ browsing session is closed, this information does not apply.

Certain information may still be visible

Both browsing and incognito browsing make use of the same internet connection and for your internet distributor there is practically no secret. In particular, websites, the search engine or the Internet provider itself can see the IP adress, the activity in a web service, as well as your own personal identity with your own account as we have commented previously.

Privacy Settings Safari iPhone iOS

Take special interest in the direction that can be used to track your location at all times. This means that you cannot go completely unnoticed while you are browsing in this way, being quite limited as we have seen, not being able to go completely unnoticed while you are on different web pages.

Browsing incognito and using a VPN are not the same

There are many drawbacks that exist as we have seen and this makes it possible to end up doubting incognito. It must be borne in mind that the incognito mode is not intended to make you go unnoticed on the website but to avoid data storage. If you were hoping that no one would know your IP address or the location you are in, it is that you got confused with a VPN.

The VPN service complements this incognito mode in Safari by preventing anyone from knowing your IP address or camouflaging themselves in another location. This is the only alternative that can exist to this mode in question forto avoid being tracked while you are browsingAlthough there are also many problems with free services and that is that these VPN distributors can have access to everything you are looking for.

Activating stealth mode on your devices

Once all this is taken into account, you can now activate the hidden mode in the Safari browser of your devices. Specifically, it can be done on iPhone, iPad and also on Mac. We tell you how to do it below.

Activate on iPhone

In the case of the iPhone the process is really simple and above all if you are familiar with controlling all tabs that you can have open on your device. The steps you must follow are the following:

  1. Open Safari on the iPhone.
  2. Click on the new page button which is represented as two overlapping squares at the bottom right.
  3. At the bottom click on ‘Nav. Private ‘and click on’ Ok ‘.

IPHONE private browsing

Have incognito mode on iPad

This mode can also be activated on the iPad and although it is very similar to the iOS system the system to change since it is not in the same disposition. Specifically, the steps to follow are the following:

  1. Open Safari on the iPhone.
  2. Click on the new page button which is represented as two overlapping squares in the upper right.
  3. At the top click on ‘Nav. Private ‘and click on’ OK.

ipad private browsing

Activate on Mac

The Mac is undoubtedly the place where more use can be made of Safari’s incognito mode since searching on this device is much more comfortable than on others. Keep in mind that on Mac it is You can have entire windows that are incognito or just a specific tab. To perform this activation you simply have to follow the following steps:

  1. Open Safari on the Mac.
  2. In the toolbar click on ‘File’
  3. Then select ‘New private window’.

From this moment on, the window you are using will change to a dark tone, including the upper search bar, which indicates that you are in this navigation mode, as is the case on iPhone or iPad where this same tone will indicate that you are browsing incognito.

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