How to print in iWork: Pages, Numbers, or Keynote

Basic tips to keep in mind

As for all the processes that are carried out within a technological device, when printing a file created with any of these three applications you have to take into account a series of tips and recommendations that will help you avoid any setback. when you start printing. Pay close attention to the points that we are going to mention below and, above all, try to carry them out perfectly when you want to print any document.

  • Keep your Mac, iPhone or iPad connected to the same WiFi network than the printer.
  • In case the connection is by cable, make sure that the cable is in good condition and correctly connected in the corresponding ports.
  • Keep your updated devices to the latest version.
  • Keep your updated app to the latest version.
  • Check that you have enough paper loaded in the printer.
  • Check that you have enough ink loaded on the printer.

Options for printing in iWork

Apple always seeks that the user experience is satisfactory, therefore, it tries to make all the processes as simple as possible, in fact, if the operating systems of the Cupertino company stand out for something, it is because of how easy and simple it is to be able to use them. With Apple’s work suite, more or less the same thing happens, the process of printing a document through Pages, Keynote or Numbers is really simpleHowever, depending on the device you use for this, there are subtle differences that we are going to detail and explain.

In the same way, the printing process is not exactly the same between the three applications, as well as the different options that give the user to be able to customize the numerous printing parameters. However, as we have commented, in this post we are going to explain everything so that you can print any document of any application on all Apple devices compatible with that application.

Procedure on Mac

Usually the process of printing a Pages, Keynote or Numbers document is done through the Apple computer since it is usually the device of the Cupertino company most used, at the moment, for this type of office task. Here are the steps you have to carry out in each of the applications.

  1. Open the document you want to print with your Pages or Keynote app.
  2. Click on File.
  3. Click on To print.
  4. In case you are in Numbers, select the sheets you want to print.
  5. Select the desired settings. We will talk about them later in this post.
  6. Press «To print»When you have selected the settings.

print pages keynote numbers mac

With these simple steps you can print your presentation or text document through the Pages, Keynote and Numbers applications. As you can see, the process is hardly difficult, you simply have to pay attention to the print settings you want to use, which as we have mentioned, we will explain in detail later.

Steps to follow on iPad and iPhone

Despite the fact that the Mac is the most used device to carry out this type of office tasks, the iPhone and especially the iPad, every day it is gaining ground on the Apple computer by becoming a device perfectly suitable for performing office tasks with all the possibilities and power of an iPad. As for the iPhone, if you use iCloud to save your documents, with it you can access them through the Files application at any time and print the document you want. For this reason, it is especially important that you know what are the steps to follow to print Pages, Keynote and Numbers documents through them:

  1. Open the document you want to print with Pages or Keynote.
  2. Click on the three dots icon located at the top right of the screen.
  3. Click on To print.
  4. If you are in Numbers select the sheets you want to print.
  5. Select settings print you want to use.
  6. Click on To print.

print pages numbers keynote ipad

Print settings in Pages and Keynote

Just as these two applications share the process that must be followed in order to print documents through them, they also share the settings that you have the ability to customize when printing documents. Below you have a detailed explanation of all of them as well as our recommendation for according to which cases.

Choose the number of copies you want

We started talking about the settings that you can find when printing a document through these applications. The first of them is this, the number of copies that you want to print out. Obviously this is based on the needs of each person, for this you just have to indicate the number of copies that you want the printer to take out and that’s it. Our recommendation is that you get the number of copies that you are going to need, first not to accumulate them later without them being used, and second, to save paper, both for the environment and your economy.

Color is very important

One of the most important settings that will mark the printing of the document is choose if you want it in black and white or in full color. Obviously doing it in black and white will spend much less ink than if you choose the color option and that has a direct impact on the money you have to spend when buying new color cartridges. Our recommendation is that if the document you want to print is for work with him in your office or at home, take it out in black and white unless you need to distinguish different colors in your task. However, if the document is to deliver it to an institution or to deliver a work At school, institute or university, do it in color since the presentation always counts and doing it in color will score points.

to print

One-sided or double-sided?

Another of the printing options that you have available is the option of use double side or not. This is a very personal section and many times, when making deliveries, it is marked directly by the body that is demanding the document from you. If the document is for personal use, our recommendation is that you print double-sided since this is how you will save sheets.

If you only want to print a part

On many occasions you do not have the intention or you do not need to print all the sheets of the document and you are only interested in taking an interval, for example, from page 5 to 10. This is another of the parameters that you can choose in the configuration of the printing, on the one hand, the option that is selected by default is to print all the sheets, but on the other hand you have the aforementioned option, in which you can choose to print a range of the document.

Customize printing in Numbers

In the case of Numbers, the user has a wider variety when it comes to modifying some settings for the printing of the document. Below you will find a detailed explanation of each and every one of them, as well as the recommendation that, from the editorial team of La Manzana Mordida, we want to transfer you.

Choose the size of the content

Usually in Numbers you work with different tables, therefore, when printing the document you have the option to scale the size of the entire document to your liking, in this way you can order everything much better. This can be done manually, by entering the exact percentage or through the bar that you can slide with the mouse to adjust it.

Show the page number and choose the order of these

Another of the settings that you can implement or not before printing your document is show page number which is each one of them, in addition, you also have the option of which number you want to start counting from. On the other hand, you can also choose the order in which you want the pages of your document to go. When printing them, the format in which Numbers shows them is a grid, so you can choose in what order you want them to be printed.

numbers apple

Mark the margins

This is a very important point because will clearly mark the aesthetics of your document. You can choose the top, bottom, top, left margins and even the head and footer margins. We recommend that you pay special attention to this since on many occasions, if the document has to be delivered to an agency, they will mark the margins it must have.

Print all or just one?

The last setting you have to choose is the option to print only the selected sheet, or on the contrary, print all the sheets of the Numbers document with which you are working. Obviously, this will depend on your needs, it is possible that you only want to print one of the sheets or, on the contrary, that you want to print all the sheets of the document.

Check everything before printing your documents

Once you have selected all the print settings that you want your document to have, what we recommend is that check them again to check that everything is correct. Once this is done, then yes, end the process by clicking on the “Print” button. This step is very important because it can save you time, since if you later have to reprint everything you will have to invest more time in it, and of course, also you will save money, since if you make a mistake with any of the parameters, what you have printed will be completely unusable.

Faults That May Appear During Printing

Obviously, during the process of printing a document, certain errors may appear that complicate the final result, below you have a list of the most common errors that usually appear when you want to print a document.

  • Internet connection error. This is one of the most common, if the WiFi network fails, so will the connection that your device has with the printer, therefore, the solution to this is simple, to have a correct internet connection on both devices again.
  • Not enough paper. Hasn’t it happened to you that you went to print a document, you didn’t have enough paper for it? To correct it, you just have to reload your printer with paper.
  • Not enough ink. The same thing that happens with paper can and usually happens with ink cartridges, so we always recommend having a spare to be able, in case they run out, replace them quickly and continue with the printing process.
  • The Mac, iPhone or iPad does not recognize the printer. First you have to make sure that the printer you want to use is compatible with Apple devices. Later, it may happen that the printer disconnects from the WiFi network and therefore the devices are not able to recognize or connect to it, for this, all you have to do is reconnect the printer to the network.
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