How to fix Final Cut Pro glitches on Mac

These are the most frequent failures

Final Cut Pro is not perfect and obviously, depending on the use, it can present a series of errors that can inconvenience and in some cases even prevent users from carrying out their video editing work with comfort and ease. Here are some of the most common mistakes you can find in Apple video editing software for professionals.

Are you stuck?

The first and most common, which has surely happened to each and every one of the users who have a certain experience and have been using Final Cut Pro for a long time to make their audiovisual creations is the blocking of the application. For different reasons, this error can appear at any time, the reason may not even be in Final Cut but originates from a process being carried out by the Apple computer and has nothing to do with the specific application. Be that as it may, the moment the typical colored ball appears and Final Cut does not respond, all users throw their hands at their heads. Fortunately, even though this is quite annoying, you don’t have to worry about losing anything you’ve done before.

Final Cut cannot find imported files

This is another of the most common flaws that you can find in Apple’s video editing software, and the error may even not be in Final Cut Pro, if not in the user himself. It is true that it can happen that, suddenly and without apparent justification, the application loses the reference to the files, however, it is more common that it is the user himself who changes these location files within his computer and, consequently, Final Cut may not be able to find them in the same location. However, this failure has an easy solution that we will explain later in this post.

file not Found

It does not recognize the hard drive

The management of external devices is not always perfect, despite the fact that in this sense, the error that Final Cut Pro does not recognize different external storage units is not usually very common, it can happen perfectly. In fact, surely the problem is not in Final Cut Pro but rather that it is found, first in the adapter or Hub that you are using with your computer, or even in the Mac itself.

Final Cut Pro won’t open

Possibly this will be one of the errors that occurs the least to all users, but without a doubt, when it happens it is a real chore since you cannot even have access to any of the projects you are developing. In this case, if the problem is usually in the application, although it may also happen that due to some process that the Mac is performing in the background, your computer does not have enough capacity to open the app.

Final Cut won't open

The clip looks completely black

Unfortunately this is usually one of the most common flaws in Final Cut Pro, in addition, it usually occurs with clips recorded with the iPhone itself, something that is difficult to explain since everything is within the hands of an Apple device. However, it should be noted that although it is one of the most common, the possibility of this happening is not very high, since in normal situations Final Cut Pro always works perfectly.

Plugins don’t work

We finished this compilation of errors with the Final Cut plugins. These resources are really useful since they provide more options and tools to all video editors that make use of it. In addition, the variety on the market is enormous which provides a tremendous wealth of resources. However, the operation of these is not always ideal and on some occasions it can fail. Usually this is due to a version change of Final Cut and the momentary non-update of said plugin.

The solution to problems with Final Cut Pro

Obviously, in the same way that you cannot avoid the failures or errors that we have described above, what you can do is take into account the solutions that we propose below so that, in case you suffer any of these at any time setbacks, you have the possibility to eradicate the error, fix the bug that has interrupted your video editing and use Final Cut Pro again as normal.

Restart the computer

The first solution that we propose is one of the most common, in fact, we can say that it is what is usually carried out whenever an error appears or a failure is generated with anything that has to do with the Apple computer, and the truth is that, on many occasions, it is capable of eradicating the error.

Restart the Mac

In this case, what you get with the restart of the computer is to restore the system resources that are associated with Final Cut Pro, for this, all you have to do is click on the Apple logo located in the upper left part of the screen and click Restart.

Keep Final Cut up to date

As with any application or any software development, updates are completely necessary forever to improve the user experience through security improvements, bug fixes and new functions. Therefore, whenever you have the opportunity to update to a new version of Final Cut Pro, we advise you to do so, thus avoiding many errors that may arise.

To check if you have any pending updates or, on the contrary, you are in the latest version available, what you have to do is open the app from the App Store and click on Updates. If there is a pending update it will appear, if not, it is that your version of Final Cut Pro is the latest available.

Keep your Mac up to date

Re-link the files

As we mentioned before, one of the most common errors is the loss of the link to different files due to a change in their location. To solve this error, all you have to do is link these files again. To do this, follow the steps that we indicate below.

  1. In the browser or timeline select the clips you want to relink or the project (s) that contain the clips you want to relink.
  2. Click File, click “Relink Files” and click “Original Content.”
  3. Choose one of the following options: “Locate all matching files” or “Locate some of the matching files.”
  4. In the window that appears, navigate to the files you want to link again.
  5. When you have them all, click Select.
  6. Click on Ā«Relink filesĀ».

Relink files

Disconnect external devices

If your problem is related to the external devices that you have connected to your Mac, the first solution you can choose is to disconnect them from the computer, wait a few seconds, and reconnect them. In case the Mac does not recognize these devices, you will have to check if the error is in the hub or adapter you are using or even in the port of the Mac in which you are connecting these devices. To perform this procedure correctly follow the steps below.

  1. Shut down the Mac.
  2. Disconnect all external devices and leave only the keyboard and mouse, if you use them.
  3. Reset NVRAM, to do so when you turn on the Mac again, hold down the “option” + “Command” + “P” + “R” keys.
  4. Reopen Final Cut.

Turn off the Mac

Check file compatibility

In many cases, the reason why files cannot be displayed correctly in Final Cut Pro or directly appear black is because their format is not compatible with the application itself. To make sure that this is the problem that is affecting you, what we recommend is that you check which file formats are compatible with Final Cut Pro and then which is the file format generated by the camera with which you have recorded said clip .

Make sure your plugin is compatible with this version

This is one of the less frequent errors that occur, but one of the most tedious. Sometimes it is indicated clearly and other times you do not know if it is happening. Finding that there is a Final Cut Pro extension not available for your version is usually a common problem. when a major update is released, either from the program itself or from the macOS operating system. It is on those occasions when you could face the impossibility of executing certain plugins because they are not compatible.

If you are already on the latest version of both macOS and Final Cut, what we recommend in this case is to have a little patience and wait for the plugin developers to release an update that makes it compatible. In case that update does not occur after several weeks, we recommend that you contact the creators in order to know when they are going to release the update, if they finally release it, since you would have to do without that plugin if they finally decide not to make it compatible.

Reset Final Cut Pro preferences

If after many attempts to solve any of the errors mentioned above you have not been able to succeed, what we recommend is that you reset the application preferences. To do this, you just have to follow the following steps.

  1. Close Final Cut Pro.
  2. Hold down the “Command” + “option” keys and launch Final Cut Pro.
  3. Click Remove Preferences.

Delete the app and reinstall it

As a last solution, after having tried all the tips that we have previously mentioned, we can only recommend that you delete the application completely. Try during the process of delete temporary files too that are generated in system folders, even if you try to make backup copies of what is important. Once removed, you can reinstall it from the App Store, running it later as if it were totally new software.

Download final cut

And, in case you wonder, you will not have to pay for the license again. Final Cut Pro, at least for now, offers a single version of a one-time payment and with it updates are also received in the future. What is likely is that you will be asked for a license code when entering the app after reinstalling it, although normally the computer will already recognize the purchase and you will not have to do anything.

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