How to Download, Install, and Use Final Cut Plugins on Mac

What are Final Cut Pro plug-ins?

If you are new to the world of video editing in Final Cut Pro you may be wondering what they are and, above all, what plugins are for. Basically what they do is add functionalities to existing ones. You can find them from many typesFrom really creative animations, text types, animated text, transitions, effects, adjustment layers, default color modifications, end screens, in short, the variety and number of types of options is immense. This greatly enriches the options when it comes to editing video that, in themselves, are enormous only with the tools that Apple provides through Final Cut, but which are obviously enhanced thanks to the existing plugins for the program. video editing for professionals from the Cupertino company.

Final Cut on Mac

How these items can be installed

To be able to use any plugin you have to carry out a process, but the first step is to see what you need, and based on that, choose from the huge catalog that exists. Below you have in detail, all the steps you have to follow in order to have in Final Cut the plugin you are looking for and that your editing flow is asking you for.

First of all, download them from trustworthy sites

Once you are very clear about the need you want to cover, you just have to search and download the corresponding plugin that satisfies and fulfills the function you are looking for. In this aspect it is necessary to have great care when choosing the site through which you are going to download it. There are numerous websites that offer the purchase of plugins for Final Cut Pro and other video editing programs, however, what we recommend from La Manzana Bordida is that you make use of the recommendations that Apple makes from its website, in which it has a small section where are all the plugins that they recommend and that, therefore, are completely reliable for download. In addition, Apple has them arranged by categories and with the link to the corresponding developer’s website, where obviously, it is completely reliable to download it. The categories you can find are the following.

  • Effects.
  • Subtitle.
  • Color correction.
  • Titles.
  • Transitions
  • Animations
  • Templates.
  • Tools.
  • Audio.
  • Import / export and organization.
  • Work process extensions.
  • Content management.
  • Collaboration.
  • Cameras and ProRes devices.
  • ProRes RAW cameras and devices.
  • ProResRAW software.
  • Camera plug-ins.
  • Distribution partners on iTunes.

Apple Plugins for Final Cut

However, in case you want to go to another website to download these plugins, keep in mind which are the comments that people have left about the product you are going to buy, and of course, if there are any negative comments about the dubious function of a plugin or, simply, there are no comments about the product, our recommendation is not to buy it.

How to install them in the editing program

We continue to advance in the mission of loading Final Cut Pro with new tools to enrich in this way the editing options that you may have. Once you have downloaded the plugin or plugins that you want to install on your Mac, it’s time to install them. This process is really simple and it will only take you a few Few minutes, but you have to pay special attention not to make any mistakes.

The truth is that everything will depend on the plugin that you download and above all, from the site where you do it. Most of those that you can download through the links provided by Apple on its website you will have to install them with the FxFactory toolHowever, the moment you want to install one of them, the platform itself will provide you with the download link of the tool, which will take a few seconds to have it installed on your Mac. FxFactory provides you with is an installer for most plugins, which makes it really convenient to be able to download and use them in just a few seconds.


However, it is not the only way you have to install the plugins, since as we mentioned, it will depend on where you download it. For example, some of them are .dmg files that you will only have to run directly on the Mac, and others will take a little more effort since you will have to move certain folders to the indicated place in a Final Cut library. However, whenever you want to download and use a plugin, the developer will tell you what steps you have to follow in order to install and enjoy it in Final Cut Pro.

How can you use them?

Once you have chosen the plugin, you have downloaded it from a reliable site and then you have installed it, what you have to do to start using it is, in case you had, during the installation, Final Cut open, close it and return it to open. The moment you open the editing program again, you just have to start using it and use it to be able to carry out all the ideas that may arise through your imagination since the way to use them is really simple. At the end of the day, everything will depend on the type of plugin you have downloaded, that is, if what you have installed are different types of texts, you will have to go to the texts section of Final Cut and in the same way that you worked previously with the pre-installed texts that came by default, you work with the new ones. The same happens with transitions or effects, as well as with all the plug-ins that you install, since, after all, they are elements that are added to the existing tools.

Final cut plugin

Most common installation failures

As it cannot be otherwise, errors can always occur when installing any new tool on a computer, in this case on a Mac. However, errors that can occur when wanting to install and use a plugin in Final Cut Pro are very common and, therefore, the solution is also quite simple to carry out. Below we mention which are the most common failures when installing plugins in Final Cut.

Mac M1 problems

The leap that Apple has taken with computers that have begun to carry the company’s own chip known as M1 is enormous, however, this process of change is still in a moment of transition and that means that some tools are not yet available. completely compatible. This is exactly what happens with some plugins, which at the moment have not been updated and therefore are not compatible with Macs that mount the Apple M1 chip.

Restart Final Cut when you have installed the Plugin

One of the most common mistakes that users usually make when installing a plugin is forgetting the last step mentioned above, that is, restarting the application or program after having installed it. There are times when the plug-in may already appear installed in Final Cut without having to close and reopen the application, but the usual thing is that, in order to enjoy it, it is necessary to restart Final Cut Pro.

Download failed

Obviously, one of the errors that can arise whenever a product is downloaded from the internet is that this download is not completed successfully, or that, during the download, it is not done properly due to external factors such as the loss of Connection. Therefore, if once you have downloaded the plugin, you have installed it, you have followed all the steps correctly, and it does not work, what we recommend is that you uninstall it and reinstall it later.

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