How to compress a video through iPhone or iPad

The problem of multimedia files

When working with multimedia files there is always a very important problem on the table: size. In recent years we have seen how the quality of the videos has increased considerably. Right now the most normal thing is to have video files recorded in a 4K resolution or even higher. Although the quality improves considerably with these types of features, the truth is that it has a negative side. We talk about size which is undoubtedly a really important factor to always take into account. When talking about a 4K file that can last several minutes, it can easily occupy several GB.


This is a serious problem especially when you want to end up sharing with other people via email or using any other type of platform. That is why on many occasions this size should be reduced considerably to work with them in a more comfortable way. This can be done through the different compression tools that are available. Although it is true that when compressing it can end up losing quality, it is something that must be weighed to be able to easily share it through different platforms such as messaging.

How to do it through apps

In the App Store right now you can find many applications to be able to perform the different video compressions in a comfortable way on your iPhone or iPad. Some of them are paid but others are free but include a series of ads that can be removed through a single payment, although this will always depend on everything you need in your day to day.

Video compressor

One of the simplest applications when it comes to compressing videos, adjusting the bit transfer to your personal tastes. This is an application that is free a priori although it includes a large number of ads that can be removed through a one-time payment. As soon as you open the application you will be able to find a dedicated space to upload the videos from your own reel to the application, not having the option to choose them in file format from the iCloud cloud for example.

Once it has been chosen, the information of this video in question will appear, such as the size of the video currently as well as the size resulting from the compression finally. If you normally work with videos, you are probably used to bit transfer or bitrate. This is the value that will ultimately determine the quality of a video and therefore its size. In this application, you can set the bitrate that you see as the most suitable, always being able to see the size of the multimedia file in question with the value you have set. In this way, it can be perfectly adjusted to the file size you need while sacrificing the least quality.

video compressor

But if you are not very familiar with this value, you can always choose one of the standards that the application has. Just above the bitrate selector there is a section that put ‘choose default’. When you click on that, approximate resolutions will appear as well as the weight of a file for each of the minutes that the video lasts. In this way you will have exactly the resolution you want and know the specific size.

Once you have defined all these parameters, you can click on ‘Continue’. At the moment it will begin to carry out the compression, whose time may end up varying depending on the original size of the multimedia file. Once the process is finished you will finally be able to download the file on the reel and it also gives you the option to delete the original file so that you do not have a duplicate in the internal storage of your device that in the end will take up much more space.

Compressor videos
Compressor videos

Video Compressor

Another of the applications that can be found in the App Store that solves one of the deficiencies that the previous one had. In this case, when you open this app, it will ask you for the necessary permissions to access the internal storage of the iPhone or iPad and more specifically to your reel. It will automatically show you all the video files that the application has been able to detect so that you can select yourself. The positive thing about it is that in the upper left you have access to iCloud to open the Files application and choose one of the videos that you have stored here.

Once you select it, a drop-down menu will appear in which to choose the final quality. Among these options you can select if you want the highest, medium or lowest quality, taking a percentage of the quality that can be maintained in this case. But if you want to go much further you can click on the last option to customize all available values. In the window that appears you will be able to choose with different bars the quality of the video as well as the bit transfer value for both video and audio. In the end, these values ​​are the ones that will mark the size of the file as well as the quality of the final result.

video compressor

Once you have chosen the quality, the application will export it to its own library. By clicking on the file in question that you have exported you will be able to make different edits like introducing effects or trimming the video. Once you have it done to your liking, you simply have to click on the button that appears as ‘Export’ in the upper right part. At this time, the editing will begin as well as the editing that you have been able to do afterwards to finish saving it in your gallery or upload it through the gallery to any of the services. It is true that it is not limited only to the iCloud service but you can also use files from other clouds that you have available.

Video Compressor-Optimize size
Video Compressor-Optimize size

Use a website for compression

In addition to applications, you can also find web pages to access from Safari on iPhone or iPad to be able to compress the videos you have on your device. This way you do not depend on having an application always installed, being a interesting option when you have an ’emergency’ when compressing a video. One of the best pages in this regard is Clideo. It is compatible with different cloud services such as Dropbox or Google Drive. This does not mean that you can also choose to upload the files you have in your internal storage in a comfortable way.

The only ‘problem’ it has is that you cannot choose the quality parameters yourself. The website itself when uploading the file makes the most appropriate compression depending on the type of file to try to maintain the highest possible quality. At the end of the compression process, when you choose the file yourself, you will see the information of how much it weighed and how much it weighs right now. From that moment you can download the video to your iPhone or iPad comfortably.


The problem you have is that this is a website that is not completely free. Although it allows you to easily compress video when you download it, you will see that a watermark appears in the lower left corner. When it is compressed, you have the option to remove the watermark whenever you make a payment that will depend on the type of video that you have uploaded to the platform. Regardless, if it is for a more personal use, the watermark may not end up being a problem.

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