How to check the AirTag firmware

Even AirTag, like all Apple devices, is equipped with a firmware that allows Apple to make functional changes to its own tracker. But how can I check the firmware version installed?


With the firmware 1.0.276 the Cupertino company has released the first changes to the software of its new tracker, changes designed to enhance the anti-stalking measures of the AirTags. With a view to future releases it is therefore useful to know the method to check the firmware installed on the device, in order to check that you always have the latest version, thus benefiting from all the features designed by Apple. The procedure is relatively simple and will really take a few seconds.

As always, when it comes to AirTags, you need to launch the Find My application and follow these steps:

  • Go to the Objects section
  • Now select the specific AirTag whose firmware you want to check
  • Now tap on the area that contains the address and the status of the battery


  • The interface will change showing you the serial number and the firmware version installed

We remind you that at the moment there is no empirical method to force the update of an AirTag. In fact, the device will update in auromatic when it is in the vicinity of your iPhone. For these reasons arm yourself with patience and avoid intuitive continuous refresh procedures.

As always on the Apple site you can find all the complete specifications of the product.


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