HomePod mini in Italy by the end of the year, news for the Home app

Apple has announced that the HomePod mini smart speaker will be available in Italy by the end of the year. Lots of news also for the Home app.


As confirmed by Apple during WWDC 21, HomePod mini will be available later this year in Austria, Ireland, New Zealand and Italy. With HomePod Software 15.0 and iOS 15, users will receive support for Siri in the languages โ€‹โ€‹of their respective countries, as well as the ability to use the device as the default speaker on Apple TV. Apple hasn’t specified when exactly the HomePod mini will arrive in Italian stores, but it is likely that we should wait for the final release of iOS 15 expected in the fall.

Apple also announced several new features for the Home app and the smart home. For example, HomePod will support commands for Apple TV, while the SharePlay function will be compatible with tvOS 15 to allow users to share watching any video. On tvOS 15 we will also have the For All of You tab in the TV app which will recommend shows and movies to users.

HomeKit will also have a new feature called “House Keys,” which will allow users to tap Apple Watch or iPhone to unlock the door that contains compatible locks. In addition, HomeKit accessory manufacturers will be able to integrate Siri voice control for the first timeโ€Œ. The first Siri-compatible third-party smart home accessories will be available later this year.

Also integration between HomePod and Apple TV will be improved, as users will be able to ask Siri on HomePod to play something on Apple TV completely hands-free. Finally, Apple has redesigned the Home app for Apple Watch with some interface improvements. For example, users will be able to tap a button to broadcast a message to HomeKit-compatible speakers throughout the home, and the app will also provide quick access to the accessories users are most likely to need right now.


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