HomePod compatibility with televisions via Apple TV

In beta, but this feature finally came to the HomePod

The HomePods, either a single large format, the ‘mini’ or a combination of these in stereo allows you to listen to music, podcast, serve as an audio output from an iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV. However, in this last device the functions were very limited, since it was a nuisance to have to permanently configure the speakers as the default audio output, in addition to that they will only work while the device is used and not when the television is tuned. traditional.

What has that changed? The new Apple TV 4K released by Apple just a few weeks ago. It is possible that as soon as you turn on this device you will already find the option to choose the HomePod as the audio output of the television, but if not you can check it Settings> Video and audio> Audio output. It is in this configuration panel where you will find the option to select the Apple speaker and then the option «Play TV audio». Mind you, Apple claims that this is still a beta setting.

connect homepod to apple tv

What is the downside then?

Precisely the fact that this setting is still in beta is one of the main drawbacks, as this could cause not working properly yet, although in the tests that we have been able to carry out we have not experienced any type of failure. The other drawback we found is that it is an option that only be allowed to configure with the new Apple TV 4K and not with the previous model and not even the HD that the company still keeps for sale.

In any case, we think this is good news, since it is finally possible to play any content on television through the HomePod, such as when watching normal television or when enjoying a native Smart TV application. We understand that the problem may be due to the chip that the previous Apple TV had, although in case the HomePods should be able to connect to televisions due to the connectivity they have.

apple tv 4k 2021

We recall that the HomePods now have software that is based on tvOS and not on iOS as was the case before, which could be related to a greater union between both devices in the future. In the environment of the rumor mill, it is said that Apple would launch a renewed HomePod next year in which a screen would even be included, so who knows if in the end it will also be related to it.

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