homeOS: what’s new for Apple’s smart home?

Apple is allegedly recruiting staff to work on a new platform, currently known as “homeOS”. Will there be news on the smart home side?

So far, products launched by Apple in the smart home category, such as HomePod and HomePod mini, have been somewhat disappointing in terms of sales. Despite the recent launch of the new Apple TV 4K it is clear that something needs to change if it is to beat the competition.

For this reason the name “homeOS”, which came out of a job vacancy list, leads us to pay close attention to what Apple will soon reveal during WWDC. The name, in fact, is very similar to that of other operating systems of the company, such as iOS and macOS.

Currently HomePod and HomePod mini use a modified version of tvOS, but it is possible that Apple could change the cards. The arrival of an operating system dedicated to smart home products would go hand in hand with the recent report according to which the company is developing several new products in this category.

In a recent interview, the VP of Apple Home said the company is committed to making new audio products for the smart home. Additionally, Apple is also a founding member of the Matter initiative, a new protocol for smart home accessories. The Home app in iOS 15 is expected to be able to natively integrate with upcoming Matter accessories.

In short, the WWDC has never been more interesting than this year.


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