Here is the prototype of the fifth generation iPod touch

The leaker Mr. White has shared on Twitter some pictures of what appears to be a 5th generation iPod touch prototype with beveled edges and a brushed aluminum finish.

ipod touch prototype

L’iPod touch The fifth generation that Apple released in October 2012 had a unibody anodized aluminum frame with rounded edges and was available in several colors. The prototype is different, has rounded edges and also shows another interesting detail: the absence of the Apple logo on the back, in addition to the presence of a 30-pin dock connector, a sign that Apple was planning this model even before adopting Lightning technology. .

ipod touch 5

Along with the iPhone 5, iPod nano (7th generation) and iPad (4th generation), the iPod touch‌ 5 was one of the first Apple devices to feature a Lightning port. The prototype also has the headphone jack on the bottom right, while on the original ‘iPod touch’ it was on the left. Apple then discontinued production of this model in 2015.


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