Health will better monitor our health with iOS 15

The Health application is the point around which the Apple Watch especially revolves and is the way in which many users launch to enjoy its capabilities, which is why the Cupertino company continues to bet strongly on improving the performance of the Health application until a point that is becoming increasingly attractive to “athletes” as it represents a true alternative to other dedicated watches.

Apple has added three functionalities to the Health application called: Mobility, Labs and Walking Steadyness that will allow us to better understand our physical condition. In this way, the measurement results will be more and more precise and will allow us to improve performance.

With Mobility We are going to find numerous recommendations when exercising and that can help us stay in shape when we need it most, Apple now with Health will not only remind us of our physical condition, but will help us to improve it for free through a series of recommendations and analysis regarding how we move on a day-to-day basis.

In the same way, Walking steadyness It will help us by analyzing the data of our movement, especially how we are doing. In this way, it will take into account not only the steps, but also their length, the speed at which we take them and if the rhythm is being continuous. It will certainly allow us to obtain more accurate results from our “walks.”

On the other hand, with Labs the Health application will introduce the information of our analyzes in those countries where the laboratories are “synchronized”. In the same way, now we will be able to receive notifications and information about the activity of our relatives to help them improve their health through Apple’s recommendations. and thus improve not only the use that we make of the Health application, but also that of our loved ones.

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