Google Stadia arrives in a stable version on the iPhone

After a period of beta testing, the Google Stadia game streaming service is now available via progressive web apps within Safari.

google stadia iphone

Stadia first arrived on iOS and iPadOS in December in the form of a progressive web app beta. Google’s game streaming service brings PC games to any enabled device without the need to download and without the need for a powerful graphics card.

Google has now announced the end of the beta phase of Stadia on iOS, which is now available in a stable version. The new version also includes the ability to adjust the resolution to be optimized for mobile devices.

Those who want to try Stadia on their iPhone or iPad need to create a Stadia account and add the progressive web app to the home screen. To do this, once logged into the Stadia site, simply select “add to main screen”.

This way you can quickly access Google Stadia. How many of you will try or are already using this service?


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