FaceTime on iOS 15 warns us if the microphone is disabled

FaceTime on iOS 15 introduces a rather useful function. When we try to speak with the microphone muted, iOS will show a reminder that will warn us to reactivate the microphone.

The new reminder is part of a series of changes and new features coming to ‌FaceTime‌ with the release of iOS 15‌, iPadOS 15 and macOS Monterey by the end of the fall. This feature, in particular, could prove to be absolutely useful. How many times, in a video call, did you happen to try to speak and discover that no one has heard us because of the deactivated microphone?

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Apple tries to solve this “problem” with iOS 15‌. Unfortunately, the same reminder is not present on betamacOS Monterey‌ beta 1, but it may be added in a future beta.

What do you think of the innovations introduced on FaceTime and in general with iOS 15?


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