FaceTime in iOS 15 will warn you if you speak and are muted

One of the novelties that Apple has in its iOS 15 is that of alert users while trying to speak when they are making a FaceTime call and have the mic muted. This feature may seem silly to many users but it is not.

It is a kind of reminder in the form of a notification that allows the user receive an alert when the FaceTime call is active asking you to press the microphone mute button again to be heard.

The truth is that the changes implemented in FaceTime are many and varied in this case we have one that allows us to stop fooling around when we are on a FaceTime call and that is Who has never had that thing about talking with the microphone mutedin a normal call even …

Nowadays, with the coronavirus pandemic that affects the whole world, calls through FaceTime or similar are very frequent so it is possible that while you are in one of these calls you are silenced and try to speak, with the arrival of iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 will no longer happen to you or at least the system will warn you of it. Something that surprises us in this regard is that at the moment in the beta 1 version of macOS Monterey we do not have this notification availableWhen we use FaceTime, we imagine that Apple will add it soon in the next versions.

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