FaceTime arrives on Windows and Android thanks to web sharing

During the WWDC opening keynote, the Cupertino company dedicated an in-depth focus on FaceTime, in fact also coming to Windows and Android.


With iOS 15 it is in fact possible to generate a link of the conversation to share it with our friends through third-party applications. Thanks to this link our friends and relatives can join the conversation with a simple web browser. Even users without an Apple ID can then join the conversation by specifying their name before joining.

This novelty finally makes FaceTime an almost 360-degree open service. It is not currently possible to create new conversations via the web, which is why an Apple device will still be necessary for the moment. This feature is initially only supported by Chrome and Microsoft Edge but will likely be rolled out to other competing browsers as well.

FaceTime, in addition to this novelty, will enjoy many new features such as spatial audio, Voice Isolation mode and much more. Continue to follow us for all the insights of this WWDC 2021.


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