Facebook watch rumors, does it look like the Apple Watch?

Demonstrable screen and up to a double camera

Although Facebook has not officially confirmed it, several sources close to the company have confirmed for several months the existence of the project to design and launch a smart watch. It would not be the first time that those from Zuckerberg think about launching hardware, although it is the time that they seem more determined to do so and with a product that a priori has ingredients to be relatively successful.

The report published by The Verge states that the company’s smartwatch would have novel features such as a 1080p main camera with autofocus and other second lens located on the back in order to be able to display the image when the main frame of the device is detached from the wrist. And it is precisely the latter that would be a novelty, since they also affirm that it would have a display ┬źdemontable┬╗, a term by which they probably mean that it will be mobile and can be used in various positions.

espionage facebook

With this move, Mark Zuckerberg’s company would try to strike a blow at Apple and Google, for being the architects of most of the devices and services used today in the field of communication. It remains unspecified possible dates that they handle from Facebook to launch this device, although it would not be ruled out that at some point they officially pronounce themselves even to advance some of the news.

Barriers to entry in a sector Apple leads

Although activity wristbands have a growing presence in the market, the truth is that if we talk about advanced smart watches, there are few brands that have a secured site today. One of them is Apple, which thrives on two fundamental competitive advantages such as its product ecosystem, being the Apple Watch a great reference of the efficiency that the company has when it comes to linking and synchronizing equipment. On the other hand, they have a good track record in the Health area with extremely interesting functions that have been added over the years and to which a revolutionary function such as being able to measure blood glucose without the need for a needle could soon be added (Samsung also has advanced its studies in this field).

facebook zuckerberg

If to these complex barriers to overcome we add the bad reputation that Facebook has earned in recent years at the expense of how they use the personal data of its users, the truth is that the company has really difficult to gain a foothold in the market in the short term . It will be necessary to see if it finally adds those functions that, at least on paper, seem novel and very interesting. In any case, it seems that for now in Cupertino they can continue to breathe easy by continuing to be leaders in sales of smart watches as has been seen over the years based on different studies.

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