EU wants Apple to authorize alternative app stores on iOS

The head of the European antitrust commission, Margrethe Vestager, wants Apple to allow access on iPhone and iPad to alternative app stores.

Pending trial in the Epic vs Apple trial in the United States, the European Commission’s antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager wants to push Apple and other tech companies to open their platforms through ad-hoc regulation.

In an interview with Kara Swisher on the “Sway” podcast, Vestager talked about her battles against big tech companies and what’s to come in the future. In particular, he explained that he wanted legislation that would force these companies to allow one more competition on the platforms they have created.

What we have presented now as a bill is to say, well, if you have these objective, qualitative and quantitative criteria, you will be designated as the gatekeeper, then from day one these are the things you cannot do“Vestager said describing the Digital Markets Act.”Instead, these are the things you need to do, like making room for a second app store or sharing data“.

Vestager believes that many of Epic’s complaints could be resolved by allowing a according to the App Store. The apps on the Apple platform must in fact be in the Apple controlled store, use Apple controlled payments and interact with customers following Apple controlled rules.

Swisher noted that Apple’s arguments in favor of the single App Store and its control are to maintain privacy and security. Specifically, Swisher proposed that since Apple created the market, it should be able to control it.

According to Vestager, this market control approach has led to unfair competitive practices. For example, Apple can’t pay itself a commission for its digital sales, so the company is competing with a head start over other developers.

Now, I think about a second app store for the future“Vestager said. “It will take time, because it is in a legislative proposal that we have presented to the European Parliament. But I hope that this case can be concluded in good time. And then we would see how to fix it. It obviously depends a lot on Apple’s response to our concerns“.

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