Does the iPad Pro have a hidden microscope? It looks like it is

Today we bring you one of those news that never ceases to amaze me as I write it. We know very well that Apple usually hides certain characteristics of its devices, either because they are not activated yet or because they have not passed the quality standards of the company of Cupertino and have been disabled.

Apparently, the iPad Pro includes a macro lens feature, something that we had not been told about and which is in fact not present on the iPhone Pro. Let’s take a look at this curious novelty that has been discovered recently and let’s guess how this affects the future of the iPad.

This functionality has been noticed by the developers of Halide, a famous iOS camera application that delights millions of users around the world. It is on their blog where they have noticed that the iPad Pro camera is capable of focusing at distances even less than three centimeters. If you have your iPhone close at hand, it is easy to notice that when you are too close to the object you want to photograph, absolutely nothing is visible. This is because the iPhone lens and so far the iPhone do not have the ability to take photos in “Macro” format.

Apparently, and despite the fact that the Cupertino company has said absolutely nothing about it, the 2021 iPad Pro camera with Apple’s M1 processor is capable of taking macro-format photographs, therefore, at distances much shorter even than that the 2020 iPad Pro itself was capable of taking, on Halide’s blog they have compared both iPads and the result is incredible. This can undoubtedly mean the arrival of a macro sensor to the future iPhone 13 range that will arrive at the end of the year.

  • Cover photos courtesy of Halide’s blog.
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