Discounted Apple AirPods

Brand new AirPods paying less is possible. And no, this is not advertising or misleading information, or anything like that. Amazon regularly offers products of all kinds of brands at discounted prices and we are especially struck by Apple’s wireless headphones. If you are interested in getting any of its versions on offer, we recommend that you continue reading to learn all the important information about it.

What discounts are there on AirPods?

Unfortunately the AirPods Max does not have a discount and they are still the most expensive headphones in the range, but in the classic headphones we do find discounts. The highlight is what we find in the AirPods Pro, which have functionalities such as noise cancellation or the possibility of exchanging their pads to fit our ears. Fully compatible with Android and Windows, but with special relevance in Apple devices such as the iPhone for its good tuning for commands such as “Hey Siri”. You now have 80 euros discount compared to its price in an Apple Store. Almost nothing, hey.

AirPods PRO

If we go to the classic design of Apple headphones we find the Second generation AirPods. These do not have advanced functions like the previous ones in reference to noise cancellation, but they do have a similar quality and a great autonomy. In fact, the battery improved considerably compared to the AirPods 1, which were almost useless after a year. We find discounts of 45 and 50 euros in its two versions, which really do not have any difference apart from the fact that the expensive ones allow you to charge the case by cable or wireless charging base, while the others only by cable. If you’re not very interested in that feature, go for the cheap ones because the user experience is identical.


Can you return them? Is there a guarantee?

Yes and yes. These products, like any from Amazon, allow a return period of at least 30 days, being able to obtain a full refund. If you finally keep them you can enjoy 2 years warranty, the first being granted and managed by Apple itself and the second with Amazon. Needless to say, they are new and original headphones, marketed by the Californian company itself within Amazon and not by an external seller.

This article contains links to Amazon that are part of our agreement with their Affiliate Program. In any case, all the recommendations and offers that we publish are made freely and without responding to any request or agreement with the brand of the product in question, unless expressly indicated in the news.
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