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While large companies have their own departments for accounting, billing, human resources, and more, small businesses and freelancers waste much of their time carrying out managing your businesstime they could dedicate to growing it even more.

As technology has advanced, the digitization of documentation (forms, estimates, invoices …), taxes and others has become a reality to which many companies have not yet adapted mainly due to lack of knowledge. The solution to this problem is to use Nomo.

What is Nomo?

what is nomo

Nomo is a platform aimed at both SMEs and freelancers that allow them manage your business comfortably and easily from your mobile, tablet or computer through your app or official Web.

Through Nomo we can always have at hand all the documentation of our company, budgets and invoices pending collection, digitize expenses, not lose tickets, obtain the forecast of taxes to be paid and manage the accounting. It also offers us an advance payment of invoices.

In addition, they have a digital tax agency with which we can file quarterly and annual taxes as well as  to make unlimited inquiries via phone, chat, or email.

What does Nomo offer us?


Expense control

Regarding cost control, the application allows us digitize them with a photo or send them by email to Nomo to be in charge of including them in our accounting. It also automatically creates accounting books for you without cutting anything by hand.

It also allows us sync our bank account to view the balance in the application and associate each bank movement with the invoices that are issued to control expenses and income at all times and have the accounting always updated.

Create and send estimates and invoices

One of the aspects that takes the longest time for SMEs and the self-employed can be found in the unlimited budgeting and billing, in addition to managing day-to-day expenses. With Nomo we can create and send estimates and invoices to our clients and we have immediate control of all charges instantly.

It also allows us to carry the budget management we can automatically convert to invoices, hence the billing process is a breeze.

When starting to work with Nomo, the user creates all the products and services that you usually invoice, so that when making quarterly returns, this process only takes a few minutes, and not several hours of searching for paperwork, printing invoices, sending them by mail …

In addition, depending on the client, we can ask Nomo to anticipate the charges, a quick way to obtain liquidity before the expiration of the invoices and that will avoid us more than one headache.

Tax presentation and control

Tax filing with Nomo

With Nomo, we can configure the application to always have a real-time tax forecast that we have to pay every month and every quarter such as VAT, personal income tax, as well as modules, direct estimates, supplier withholdings, rent withholdings, income withholding …

With their management service you will forget to file the taxes yourself since they do it for you (always after your review!) . So you can dedicate yourself to growing your business without fearing the end of the quarter. dedicate ourselves to continue growing our business.

If you have any questions, you can consult a manager through the app chat, from the website, by phone or by email. You can make unlimited consultations to solve all your doubts without having to physically move.

Advantages of working with Nomo


  • The first advantage that Nomo offers to freelancers and SMEs is the reduced time spent on paperworktime they can dedicate to continue growing their business.
  • Higher control of the entire company at the moment. At all times we know how our business is working, which are the invoices pending collection, the budgets that we have presented and what is pending to receive a reply, the forecast of expenses and tax payments …
  • To be all information in digital format, we can consult it quickly and easily  from any place and device, wherever you are.
  • By using an advisory service, the self-employed and SME are always calm about the legality of your accounts, avoiding possible errors or delays in payments with the financial penalties that they entail …
  • In big cities, consultancies are not always close to business. Thanks to Nomo, you will take the management on your smartphone.

What platforms is Nomo available on?


To access all the digital content that Nomo offers us, all you need is a smartphone and the Nomo application, available for both iOS and Android, access from its website Nomo also offers a desktop application that makes tasks that require greater dedication more bearable.

With the mobile app, we can know at all times how our business is working, the status of the accounts, the payment forecasts … The app also allows us to get in touch with an advisor through the Nomo chat, a phone call or an email.

The Nomo iPhone app (which you can download for free at this link), requires iOS 12 At a minimum, while the version for macOS requires the latest version currently available on the market, macOS 11 Big Sur. Also, if you have one of the new computers managed by Apple’s M1 processor, the desktop application is fully supported.

Nomo: Accounting and Invoices (AppStore Link)
Nomo: Accounting and InvoicesFree

How much does Nomo cost?


Nomo makes available to all freelancers and SMEs two subscription plans in monthly or annual payment modality.

  • Standard Plan: The Standard Plan allows the self-employed to manage the entire business without an advisory service with which to solve the doubts we have related to taxes, transactions, banking operations … that is, it includes creating budgets and invoices, controlling expenses and taxes, as well as add and unify your banks and reconcile the movements with the invoices.
  • Premium plan: The Premium Plan includes everything that the Standard Plan offers us in addition to the management service that we explained before.

If we are not very clear if the service offered by Nomo fits our needs, we can try it for free for 15 days. Once those 15 days have elapsed, we can choose to contract the following plans:

For Freelancers

  • Standard Plan for 7.85 euros / month in annual payment or 9.90 euros in monthly payment.
  • Premium plan for 31.90 euros / month in annual payment or 39.90 euros in monthly payment.

For SMEs

  • Standard Plan for 17.91 euros / month in annual payment or 19.90 euros in monthly payment.
  • Premium plan for 134.91 euros / month in annual payment or 149.90 euros in monthly payment.
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