Despite battery issues with iOS 14.6, Apple stops signing iOS 14.5.1

iOS 14.6

Yesterday we published an article in which we informed you of an increasingly widespread problem among many users with the iPhone battery after updating to iOS 14.6, the latest iOS version currently available, since from Cupertino have stopped signing iOS 14.5.1, so if you are among those affected, you can no longer donwgrade.

When we stop signing iOS 14.5.1, the only version that we can install on our device today, if we have problems with the device is iOS 14.6, a version that doesn’t seem to get along very well with battery management, a problem that apparently Apple have not taken into account and that they have not recognized either.

If problems with the battery life of your iPhone are increasingly annoying, you have two options: restore the device from scratch without restoring a backup or install the iOS 14.7 beta that Apple released on May 20, a beta that is currently only available to developers.

If you are one of the users who is suffering from problems with battery life, I recommend that restore your device from scratch, without restoring a backup, since you would again drag the performance problems that your device may already be experiencing.

If Apple hasn’t recognized this issue, it’s probably because not an iOS 14.6 problem but rather the installation process on the device. It is possible that during the installation some files are modified that affect the operation of some applications, hence restoring our device is the only solution, especially now that we cannot downgrade.

Keep in mind that when downgrading and / or restoring the device, all operational conflicts are eliminated at the root that our device may have that may be affecting battery consumption.

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