Day 1 of this year’s WWDC. Apple video overview

Day 1 WWDC

An interesting video was published a few hours ago in the Apple’s official YouTube channel. In this case, it is a kind of quite compressed and dynamic summary of what we saw on the first day of Apple’s global developer conference.

And it is that to see all the complete video of the WWDC of this year we need some time since has lasted about two hours. In this case it is not a short video of just over two minutes in the day we are going to see the summary of the keynote held yesterday.

So Apple sums us up in this short video just over two and a half minutes the main novelties of its software presented yesterday:

We can say that yesterday’s presentation of Apple did not satisfy everyone, but this is something that usually happens in each WWDC of each year … Well last year’s presentation was somewhat more dynamic and with many more new features for the systems than this year, so I liked something more or at least that was the feeling.

In any case, the best thing is to be able to enjoy the novelties presented and above all to realize that Apple cannot be improving year after year in an abrupt way the operating system of our devices, you can improve some aspects but not change them completely. It is also true that they could have implemented some more improvements in them, but for now we will have to settle for what is shown.

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