Craig Federighi and the privacy of iOS 15 in a new interview

Even with iOS 15, the Cupertino company wanted to further enhance the privacy controls for the user, thus taking a further step to make iOS an increasingly secure and privacy-friendly system.

iOS 15 privacy health

It was precisely on privacy that he pronounced himself Craig Federighi to the microphones of Fast Company, dedicating ample space to the new features presented during the event. With iCloud Private Relay the company has integrated a feature which allows users to connect to virtually any network by browsing more securely and privately, while also providing a encrypted outbound traffic.

According to Federighi, the huge steps forward in the field of tracking and security threats have prompted the company to work to ensure safe navigation for its users. This novelty comes as an integral part of the iCloud + service, which will help boost security for Apple users. In addition to Private Relay will also arrive Hide My Email is HomeKit Secure Video (all the details in this article), two new features that will complete the new level of security designed by Apple.

But what are the real differences between Private Relay and a regular VPN? According to Apple, the new service will allow the user to browse in complete anonymity, thus preventing Apple itself from knowing what you are doing.

We hope that users believe in Apple as a reliable intermediary thanks to the elimination of the ability to find your IP and destination at the same time, unlike the normal VPN.

Federighi also praised again the transparency function of the tracking, defining as a victory the possibility for users to be able to decide whether to be tracked or not. What are the news that you liked the most? Let us know in the comments.



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