concept shows its possible novelties

The possible aesthetic changes that would come to watchOS 8

Version after version, what is most awaited is the arrival of aesthetic changes, which is undoubtedly the most striking. This concept shows the same with relevant changes, such as the arrival of widgets. As happened from iOS 14 and it is suggested that the Apple Watch may also have different widgets. These would not be, of course, on the main screen itself, but a space dedicated to them would be chosen in a separate way. The possibility of having a stock widget, of the directions to follow in Apple Maps among many others, is raised.

To this is also added the approach of having an App Library on the Apple Watch with all the applications clearly organized. In this way you will not have to access the general menu with all the applications that They appear in a quite reduced size being everything much more orderly and organized. This is in addition to a total redesign of the control center to have larger icons and more information on the screen. All these changes are focused on giving a much more modern look to the Apple Watch that in terms of design it is true that it has been able to remain somewhat stagnant without relevant changes in intergenerational changes.

Track AirTags or have a low power mode

Internally, it is proposed that watchOS 8 can reach be compatible with the newly launched AirTags. In this way the search can be carried out through a native application called ‘Search’. This is really important since to give the AirTag much more richness it may be interesting that it is compatible with all possible devices. Beyond this, it also raises something that a priori may seem impossible with the current Apple Watch and that is the use of FaceTime. The concept raises an Apple Watch that has a front camera, but this is something that is not possible today.

watchOS 8 concept

In addition to this, the possibility of having a low power mode on Apple Watch. Currently when the battery is reaching a low point, the only thing that can be done is to turn the Apple Watch into a clock that only tells the time without doing anything else. With this system, something similar to what you have in iPhone or iPad is proposed and that is to reduce the internal processes to extend the battery, something that makes much more sense than what is being done right now.

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