Chipolo One Spot, an excellent alternative to AirTags

Chipolo offers us the first real alternative to Apple AirTags with a product that, at a lower price, it offers us all the good of the network Search and adds some points in its favor that make it a smart purchase.

When Apple announced the news of the Busca network, Chipolo was one of the brands that first joined it. Perhaps it is not very well known, but this manufacturer has been in the world of locator labels for years, and those years of experience have undoubtedly helped to launch a round product at an excellent price: Chipolo One Spot. Heir to the Chipolo One, this new label takes advantage of Apple’s Search network, and therefore it has all its advantages: it does not need a third-party application; quick and easy setup without having to register; use the millions of Apple devices to send your location.

Specifications and configuration

Slightly larger than Apple’s AirTags, this small plastic disc features a replaceable battery that the manufacturer says should last up to a year with normal use. To change it, you have to open the disc, there is no sophisticated closure system, that is why it is IPX5 certified (it resists rain without problems but cannot be submerged). Inside it has a small speaker that allows it to emit sounds of up to 120dB, louder than the AirTag, something important to find them from the bottom of the sofa. And a small detail, which seems even ridiculous, but which is very important: it has a hole to attach it to a key ring, a ring on your bag or backpack … Which means that even having a price similar to the AirTag (30 € vs. € 35 for the Apple product) you will not need any more accessories to use it, so the final price is much cheaper in the case of Chipolo.

Its configuration process begins from the moment we press the Chipolo, which causes it to emit a small sound that indicates that it is already activated. We must open our Search app on the iPhone or iPad, and click on Objects, we add a new object and wait for our device to discover it. Now you just have to follow the steps indicated and they are as simple as adding a name and an icon to quickly identify it on the map. The label will be from this moment associated with your iCloud account and ready to be used when necessary.

The connection you use is Bluetooth. We do not have a U1 chip, which does not allow the precise search of AirTags, something that personally does not convince me because its operation is quite erratic. It also does not have NFC, and this affects that if someone finds it, it will not be enough to bring their iPhone close to the chibolo, but they will have to open the Search application and scan it. There are two small negative points, of which one is completely dispensable (precise search) and the other is rectifiable (the Search app is used and that’s it).

Apple’s Search network at your service

Let’s go to the important thing, what is really going to help you find your lost object thanks to the Chipolo One Spot: all iPhone, iPad and Mac around the world will be antennas that will allow you to locate your lost object on the map. Yes, until now when you placed a localized tag you were limited to being within the Bluetooth range to find it, or having the luck that someone with the same app as you passed by. Now with Apple’s Search network you don’t need any of that, because any updated iPhone, iPad or Mac will tell you where your lost item is with the only requirement of being nearby of the.

With this, if you lose an object you can mark it as lost in the Search app, and indicate that when someone finds it (even if unintentionally) they notify you and show it to you on the map. If he realizes that something is missing, he can also pick it up, open his Find app and see the personalized message that you left him when he marked it as lost, including the phone number he can call to help his recovery. This Apple Find network is a near perfect system that will help you recover your lost goals.

Other ways to find it

If we have simply misplaced it at home, you can make it make a sound, from the Search app or by asking Siri “Where are my keys?” So you can follow it by sound until you find it. Its loudspeaker is louder than AirTags, and also the sound does not stop playing until you deactivate, which is more practical than having to go around asking Siri until you find it. And you can also ask the Search app to tell you the route to your lost object in case someone has contributed to locating it on the map.

And as of iOS 15 we will have the option of being notified when we separate from it, so we can avoid the loss. A notification will tell us that we have left our keys, or backpack, and we can configure some “safe” locations so that if you are there you will not notify us We have left it behind, so you can leave your backpack at home without being told about it.

Editor’s opinion

The Chipolo One Spot vocal label is a real great alternative to Apple AirTags. Although it may lack some functionalities, they are not so relevant as to take them into account, and its features and price make it a perfect product for those who want to avoid losing their most important objects by making use of the advantages of the Search network. Manzana. Available on the official website of Chipolo (link) in order to pre-booking for € 30 per unit and € 100 per pack of 4 units, with shipments from August.


  • One year autonomy and replaceable battery
  • IPX5 water resistance
  • Using the Apple Search network
  • Hole for hooking
  • Speaker up to 120dB


  • Absence of NFC and U1 chip
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