CarPlay on iOS 15, here are all the news

Apple has brought several new features to CarPlay thanks to iOS 15, ranging from Siri’s voice announcements for messages, to news for Do Not Disturb.


Announce messages with Siri

After arriving on AirPods, Announce messages with Siri also enters CarPlay with iOS 15. The CarPlay platform has always been able to read text messages aloud when you touch a notification on the car’s built-in screen, so as not to get distracted while driving.

When enabled, Announce Messages will automatically read new messages aloud as soon as they are received. This novelty is much more comfortable while driving because we will never have to look at the screen to see any notification badges or banners, and listening to the message is completely hands-free.

Reading aloud any message you receive may still be distracting or not recommended if there are other passengers. For this, Apple allows you to deactivate the option or schedule its reactivation even for individual specific conversations.

Driving Focus

Do not disturb gets a major update in iOS 15 with a feature called Driging Focus that lets you set states and modes, completely replacing the old feature. Driving Focus can be enabled manually or automatically when driving is detected, the car’s Bluetooth is connected or CarPlay is activated.

The most important novelty is the possibility of share your Driving Focus status with others without having to set up automatic sending of a pre-set text reply when messages are received. For example, a friend can see that you are in Driving Focus before sending a message in Messages on iOS 15.

Driving Focus also allows you to set up specific contacts and apps that can send you notifications when this mode is active. You can also choose to receive a new type of alert called Time Sensitive Notifications. A big advantage of this level of customization for controlling alerts is that you can set different rules for which contacts and apps can alert you in each mode, such as work and play.

New wallpapers and minor novelties

carplay ios 15 wallpapers

CarPlay in iOS 15 adds four new wallpaper options (each with light and dark modes) starting with the first beta version. In addition, we have new details in Maps for some cities and improvements in the display of dark mode.


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