Beta 2 of iOS 14.7 and other Apple operating systems

The latest iOS before 15?

Anyone who is an Apple developer can install the second betas of iOS 14.7, iPadOS 14.7, macOS 11.4, watchOS 7.5 and tvOS 14.7. These could be the last versions of this generation of Apple software, although it is not ruled out that a later version will still appear. It is unknown when exactly they will be released, but they will be very relevant versions for the public and especially for users who have a iPhone 6s or a iPhone SE 2016, since it is expected that these will not update to iOS 15 and these are the 14 their latest software updates after 6 years of support.

ios 14.7

Despite being the second trial versions, we still do not find relevant news. Perhaps the only one to highlight is that add timers to HomePods from the Home app. It is not that it is a function that is going to revolutionize the panorama of Apple smart speakers, but it does not hurt its inclusion and more in some versions that seem more given to leaving optimal performance than anything else, precisely because they would be the last few devices.

All eyes on next Monday

Another reason (probably the main one) why there are hardly any new features in these betas is because of the proximity that these versions have with WWDC 2021. This is the event that the Californian company celebrates once a year focused on its developers, having an opening day in which the news of future operating systems advances. Hence, the company prefers to implement its improvements directly in those that in the versions that will be obsolete in a few months.

If Apple continues with the same dynamics as previous years, as soon as the presentation of this future software is finished, they will launch beta versions for developers and in the following hours or days the correlative ones for public beta testers. Although they can be interesting to be able to test new features on the iPhone, iPad or Mac, the truth is that it is not recommended due to the risk of stability that it implies when being full of bugs, since they are still beta versions still far from the ones. officers.


The launch of these will occur around the month of September, so the general public will have to wait a little longer and hence the importance that iOS 14.7 and company work well. Because there are 3 months to go, we cannot rule out the hypothetical arrival of iOS 14.7.1, iOS 14.8 or any other after this. What does seem like a fact is that this iOS 14 will be one of the versions with the most updates in the history of Apple, something that is not necessarily negative.

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