Best deal on Macs with an M1 chip: see discounts

If you are thinking of renewing your computer and buying a Mac, whether for the first time or not, you should know that some of the new apple computers They already have a discount on Amazon. The powerful M1 chip computers can now be purchased with extremely interesting discounts and with full guarantees, so we recommend that you continue reading if you want to know everything about it.

Discounts on Mac mini, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

We started talking about Mac mini, a device designed for use with monitors and other external peripherals, but which at the hardware level is practically the same as the rest of computers with an M1 chip. Its versions of 8 GB of RAM are lowered with respect to its price in Apple, being able to find it with discounts of 94 euros both for its version with 256 GB of storage and for the 512 GB version.

New Mac mini Apple Silicon

The MacBook Air for its part is a device that, despite its slight size, is one of the most interesting. Its 13.3-inch screen, its tremendous portability, its high efficiency and its great autonomy are its strongest points. It may not be the most suitable for the most professional use, but anyone who needs a reliable laptop for day-to-day and even demanding tasks sporadically, will appreciate having this equipment. Of course, not all the lowered versions currently have stock.

  • 256GB MacBook Air (M1):
    • Gold color: 195 euros discount
    • Space Gray or Silver Color: 175 euros discount
  • 512GB MacBook Air (M1):
    • Gold color: 181 euros discount
    • Silver color: 177 euros discount
    • Space gray color: 150 euros discount

The last in contention is the MacBook Pro, a computer that mounts the same hardware as the previous one, but powered by a fan and a greater number of GPU cores. It is the most interesting equipment for those who need a computer that can be used to do all kinds of tasks. Their discounts are the largest that we find today, all of them being extremely interesting.

  • 256GB MacBook Pro (M1):
    • Silver color: 275 euros discount
    • Space gray color: 270 euros discount
  • 512GB MacBook Pro (M1):
    • Silver color: 220 euros discount
    • Space gray color: 215 euros discount

MacBook Pro M1

Also remember that in any of these computers you will get 2 years warranty, with Apple coverage during the first of them and with Amazon during the second. All this with the possibility of acquiring AppleCare + during the purchase process or within 60 days of purchase and with the possibility of returning it within 30 days if you are not satisfied.

This article contains links to Amazon that are part of our agreement with their Affiliate Program. In any case, all the recommendations and offers that we publish are made freely and without responding to any request or agreement with the brand of the product in question, unless expressly indicated in the news.
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