AutoTranslate on iPadOS and Notes app enhancements

The iPadOs Notes application had a lot of work ahead of it, especially if it wanted to become an interesting alternative to other external applications that seemed to do much better, until now, because Apple has decided to give an incredible twist to the Notes application in the company of the Apple Pencil.

For its part, Translate comes to iPadOS with many new features and especially with AutoTranslate, the possibility of having conversations that will be automatically translated as well as we can analyze and translate text in images directly with the help of LiveText already included in iOS 15.

For its part, the application Notes will make the most of the new multitasking functionalities, allowing us not only to integrate photographs in a more intuitive way, but we will also be able to make the most of the Apple Pencil with notable improvements.

Similarly, the iPadOS translation app comes in force adding the ability to directly translate sound or text quickly and seamlessly. It will go hand in hand with LiveText to offer us the possibility of translating text directly through photographs as other well-known systems already do. For its part, the application will receive improvements in the user interface, something like what happened with the Notes application.

Undoubtedly, these two capabilities will make the iPad that is dangerously close to the desktop system more interesting, and is that this type of “productivity” applications are especially important for a device that navigates in a sector yet to be determined.

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