Apple’s glasses for the second quarter of 2022

Apple Prototype glasses

As information about augmented reality glasses from Apple continues to be shown or filtered. In this sense, the new leak from the well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo indicates that Apple’s augmented reality glasses would almost certainly arrive by the second quarter of next year.

It can be difficult to predict an exact date but little by little the leaks and rumors put a “thread to the needle” on this new product that expected to be Apple’s first in this sector, that of augmented reality on devices.

It is possible that the Cupertino company is celebrating this launch from which a lot is expected from users. The entry of Apple in this sector could rekindle this type of products that right now were quite stagnant after an increase in launches and novelties two or three years ago. I perfectly remember that MWC in which all the devices were focused on augmented reality glasses and Virtual reality, all this has been left aside and only Apple could give another blow to the table for this type of products.

Although the leaks indicate the arrival in the second quarter of next year, we must be patient and see how this news / rumor evolves since we are going through difficult times with a shortage of processors, a shortage of containers in China, a global pandemic, etc. . We will see if Apple is able to solve all these difficulties and launch its product in 2022.

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