Apple will temporarily increase iCloud space for you to set up a new device

For over 10 years, Apple has guaranteed 5GB of iCloud space for non-subscribers. Even this year things will not change, but there is an interesting novelty.

icloud cancellation

To facilitate the process of setting up a new device with iOS 15, Apple will offer temporary additional iCloud storage users to help transfer data to new devices. The storage space will be available for one maximum of 3 weeks, making it easy to transfer data from iCloud to a new device:

Now, when you buy a new device, you can use iCloud Backup to move your data to the new device, even if you have little storage space. iCloud will grant you all the storage space you need to complete a temporary, free backup for up to three weeks. This allows you to automatically get all the apps, data and settings to your new device.

In addition, during WWDC 2021, Apple also unveiled its new service iCloud +. This new service, which will have no additional cost for iCloud subscribers, includes a number of new features.


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