Apple will release the AirPods Pro firmware betas

Apple has announced that it will begin releasing developer betas of the AirPods Pro firmware to test out new features like Conversation Boost and Ambient Noise Reduction.

airpods pro replacement

The pre-release firmware of AirPods Pro for Apple Developer Program members will be available in the future and will allow the development of features on iOS and macOS for AirPods and to test new features.

It is the first time that Apple will begin releasing beta software for its headphones and, at the moment, this developer program will be limited to AirPods Pro only. Also, it is not possible to manually update the firmware of the AirPods to date, as the updates they are automatically downloaded and installed via iPhone. The release of the betas could anticipate a novelty also for users, and that is the possibility of manually installing the firmware of the AirPods.

New features coming to AirPods with software updates this fall include Conversation Boost, designed to focus audio on the person speaking in front of you, and “ad notification”, already available in iOS 15 beta 1.


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