Apple Watch: Unpublished watch face spoiled during WWDC 21

All Apple Watch lovers are waiting for the update for new watch faces every year. Well, Apple has kept one in particular from us.

Apple Watch watchOS 8 faces

With watchOS 8, Apple has announced some new features for Apple Watch, you can find them all in this article. By now Apple has accustomed us to inserting new watch faces every time the Watch receives a major update. But this year Apple only showed one new watch face: “Portaits”. However, in one of the sessions of WWDC 2021 another new dial was glimpsed that was not announced by Apple, this one called “World Timer”.

During the session “New in UIKit” highlighting the latest updates and improvements to the UI framework of iOS 15, Apple shows a screenshot of the Watch app in one of the demos. Interestingly, this screenshot reveals a new watch face never announced by the company.

Apple Watch watchos dials 8

Called World Timer, the new dial displays a world map with the time zones of dozens of cities. This replicates some traditional mechanical watch models that also show the time zones of multiple cities, similar to the GMT watches that also inspired one of the watchOS 7 dials last year.

It is not clear if this “World Timer” watch face was not completed in time for watchOS 8 beta 1 or whether Apple plans to release it later this year with theApple Watch Series 7.

Do you like this new dial? Let us know in the comments box, and when do you think it will be officially presented by Apple? Will we have to wait until September to see it in action on the new Watches?


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