Apple updates AirTags so you can see if you’re up to date

A firmware version has been released for Apple AirTags and several interesting improvements are added to it. To receive this update on our locator devices, no action is required, the firmware update is carried out automatically. In this sense, today we will also see how can we check if our AirTags are updated to the latest version available which in this case is firmware version 1.0.276.

Logically we are not facing a product that has to be updated on numerous occasionsas they do with the iPhone, iPad, Mac or other devices, but it is possible to implement improvements in the firmware so from time to time Apple will launch these types of versions with some improvements.

This new version 1.0.276 of the AirTags is our devices automatically as we say above but if you want to check if you are in the latest version released simply you have to follow these steps:

  • Open the Find app on your iPhone
  • Choose at the bottom the option «Objects» and click on our AirTag
  • When you access this you have to go over the name
  • The serial number and firmware of your AirTag appear at the bottom

This new version of the firmware adds several new features and among them improvements when searching for locator devices, it also implements privacy improvements. Of course AirTags have been a star product in the Apple catalog and improving them with these updates is always positive for both users and the company itself.

Do you already have your AirTags updated?

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