Apple unveils iOS 15, here are all the news

The novelties of iOS 15 go from FaceTime to notifications, passing through new sharing options and much more.

ios 15


facetime ios 15

In ‌iOS 15‌, FaceTime offers a grid view and a portrait mode for videos. For audio, ‌FaceTime‌ calls now offer spatial audio and adaptive voice isolation for a more natural experience.

facetime ios 15 3

Additionally, users can create a link to a scheduled video call that can be shared with other participants to invite.

The function SharePlay ‌It allows users to bring music, videos and movies into calls, as well as share screens. In this way, for example, it will be possible to share the vision of a TV series with the other participants in the call, so as to be able to comment on a twist. SharePlay will also be available as an API that developers can use in their own apps (including Disney +, NBA, TikTok, Twitch, and many others).

Furthermore, it will finally be possible to enter FaceTime calls from the web on Android and Windows.


ios messages 15

Apple also announced new features for the app Messages, including new ways to easily access the content people send you. Shared stacks will transfer content from Messages to the News app and Photos app. The app‌ also offers new ways to share content like pictures, music, podcasts, Apple News articles, and more. Users can pin the shared content to make it stand out more easily.


ios notifications 15 2

The notifications in iOS 15‌ they have been structured a little differently. There is now a summary that presents notifications based on how users interact with their apps. Also, the state Do not disturb of users will be shown to contacts in Messages, so friends and colleagues can know when we’re busy or unavailable.

Apple has also activated alternative status options called “Focus “, which allow users to customize notifications for different situations. For example, you can set the “Work” status so as to receive notifications only from the apps we have selected as “Work”.

The notification design has been revamped with larger icons for better visibility.


The app Photo now has the “Live Text” OCR function, which using artificial intelligence allows users to highlight and select text in images and translate it. Live Text also works in other apps like Apple News‌.

In ‌iOS 15‌, the content in the Photos app will be indexed in Spotlight searches and you will be able to use Apple Music songs in Memories. Memories mixes will be synchronized with videos and images, with users being able to select songs suggested by Apple Music for that type of memory.

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