Apple TV on televisions with Android TV: now available

Apple TV comes to Android

This is the great news that many users were waiting for, Apple now has a greater number of televisions compatible with Apple TV since, as of today, all that modern television that has the operating system Android Oreo or higher, has already the Apple TV app ready to be downloaded on your TV. Until now, this application was only available to those users who had a Sony Bravia television or a Chromecast with Google TV, so, without a doubt, it is a fantastic move for both users, who add one more option to their catalog, as for Apple since it means the possibility of reaching a larger audience.

Apple TV on android tv

With the premieres of the main Apple TV series + Around the corner, without a doubt, from Cupertino they must be celebrating, as this movement means that many more users will have much more affordable access to the content that Apple has been developing for some time and that, to the viewers who have consumed, they liked it so much. In this way, the level of acceptance and the results of Apple TV + may increase and thus gain more market share.

What can users find in this application?

The Apple TV app is where the Cupertino company wants encompass all audiovisual content related to series and movies that you have at your fingertips. Within this application, users will not only be able to find access to their subscription to Apple TV +, but they will also have access to the different titles that they can rent, as well as the subscription services for series and movies that they configure in the application itself, such as Disney Plus.

Apple TV on Android

The incorporation of this application to Android televisions gives Apple the opportunity to show, and therefore also tempt, a much larger number of users to subscribe to Apple TV +Since this application will provide the convenience of being able to have all the subscription services for series and movies in one place.

When will Android smartphone users be able to enjoy the Apple TV app?

After this move by Google, the question that many users can ask is, When will this same action take place with mobile devices, that is, with smartphones?. It would undoubtedly be very interesting, especially for users and for the Cupertino company, if the Apple TV app was also compatible with Android smartphones, since, once again, Apple would have the opportunity to expand one of its services much more star as is Apple TV +.

Android smartphone

In fact, if we look back in time or even enter the Google application store, we can already find the precedent of Apple Music. Apple’s streaming music service has been available for a long time for mobile devices with Android as the operating system, so it would not be surprising if soon, the movement would be repeated with the Apple TV application.

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