Apple TV + is now available for Nvidia Shield TV devices

Nvidia Shield

The Nvidia Shield TV they are fashionable, and Apple knows it. They are set top box video player devices based on Nvidia chips. They are inexpensive, very versatile, come with Android TV, and they work really well.

Apple does not want to lose that niche of users, and has just launched its application Apple TV + compatible with such devices. Since these customers will not buy an Apple TV, at least they subscribe to the platform. It’s something…

The Apple TV + app is now compatible with Nvidia Shield TV players. They are the first Android devices to support Apple’s streaming video application.

This software is already available on Google Play Store, and allows us to see all the content available on Apple TV + in quality 4K HDR (If you are subscribed to the platform, of course). If your device hardware allows it, it also supports Dolby Vision Y Dolby Atmos.

And being Android-based devices, you can control Apple TV through the assistant of Google, like you do with Siri on Apple TV.

Depending on the area where you live, you can also access other video services from the same Apple TV + application such as AMC +, Paramount +, etc.

It should be noted that Apple TV + is only compatible with video player devices whose operating system is Android TV, and televisions that also use such software.

So (for now) Apple TV + cannot be installed on smartphones or tablets other than iPhones and iPads. We will see if this new guideline from the Cupertino company is to meet the demand of users of televisions based on Android TV (and bounce, users of Nvidia Shield TV devices), or expands its availability on other devices that are clearly competence of the company.

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