Apple talks about the importance of the app accelerator in India

Apple’s app accelerator in Bengaluru, India has become a vital resource for local developers looking to stand out in an increasingly crowded industry and could serve as the company’s foothold for the smartphone market.

accelerator app india

In an interview with Indian Express, Eshwar Vangala, Apple’s senior director for developer relations around the world, said the biggest asset of the sIndian developers is “their entrepreneurial spirit“.

The current group of developers are so eager to take an idea and turn it into an incredibly successful app. In the past, I would come across developers looking at a pot of gold along the way and trying to figure out products to be successful. Now, however, people are trying to bring an idea to life and figure out how to make it known to as many people as possible.

When Indian developers talk to us, their idea usually comes from a need. I think my favorite is Kushagra, who created an app to help identify a ripe mango for someone who is color blind. It might seem like something really small, but it was a need he had and he created this application that now helps you to know millions of people around the world

Many success stories they originated from the app accelerator in India, such as that of the 2018 Apple Design Award winner Calzy or the iPad app Froggipedia. Last year, Apple claimed that approx 900,000 jobs in India can be directly attributed to the iOS ecosystem, some of which are derived from the acceleration program.

This accelerator should help Apple conquer more and more market in India, given that the country represents an indispensable resource for the future of smartphones.


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