Apple suppliers in China post discriminatory job advertisements

An analysis of job advertisements posted by Apple suppliers in China found that over 100 advertisements from 30 different companies illegally discriminated against Muslim Uyghurs.


Other forms of discrimination found in the ads referred to age restrictions and bans on dyed hair and tattoos. To ensure that only Apple-related ads were included in its analysis, The Information only counted those where the Cupertino company was explicitly mentioned.

Apple has always stood up for human rights. for this reason it is even stranger to find online more than 100 advertisements for jobs on the production of the company’s products containing a discriminatory language, including ads that discourage questions from people over 40 or people with tattoos.

Companies include iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and AirPods assemblers, as well as manufacturers of printed circuit boards, touch modules, camera lenses, batteries, data cables, cover glass, and packaging. They include ads for some of Apple’s largest vendors, such as Foxconn Technology, Pegatron, Quanta Computer, Wistron, Luxshare Precision Industry, Compal Electronics, and Goertek.

The ads explicitly state that members of the Chinese minorities Outcasts are not eligible to run, even if such discrimination is illegal under Chinese law and a violation of Apple’s rules for its suppliers.

Tibetans, Uyghurs, Hui, Yi, Dongxiang from Tibet or Xinjiang regions are not acceptedit is read in an April job posting from Biel Crystal, a company that makes cover glasses for iPhones.


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