Apple renews Apple Music for Artists website

Apple has renewed its website Apple Music for Artists, designed for artists who create content for Apple Music.

The new design of the site is designed to allow artists to access all the “Apple Music” tools and services available to them. There are guides for using tools like Voice Memos, GarageBand, Logic Pro, Final Cut Pro, MainStage, and others, along with links to music distributors to get your songs released.

Additionally, there are tools to create Apple Music-branded marketing assets, earn money through the affiliate program ‌ and access data analytics ‌. Apple has also added walkthroughs and support documents for new features, such as Space Audio. Finally, there is no lack of data regarding streaming, information on Shazam, sales numbers and all the new features introduced today.

New content and resources for artists will be added to the Apple Music for Artists site later.


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