Apple prepares a new activity challenge for March 8, International Women’s Day

A few days ago we talked about how to get the Activity challenge that Apple launched on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, a very simple challenge that you want or did not make us be active for a week. And for the third time in the history of Activity challenges, Apple prepares to celebrate International Women’s Day, next March 8, with a new Activity challenge. After the jump we give you all the details of how to reach it …

How we told you, this It is part of the actions that Cupertio will do to celebrate, or rather to raise awareness, on the occasion of International Women’s Day which will be held next Sunday, March 8. Best of all, unlike previous occasions, in this case we just have to do an exercise of at least 20 minutes (walking, running, or a wheelchair ride) during the next March 8, yes, it depends on our lifestyle since March 8 is Sunday and we already know that sometimes it is more difficult to maintain an activity Healthy on Sunday.

If you have an Apple Watch you will receive a notification in the next few days which will encourage you to maintain that healthy rhythm next March 8. What will you get in return? the famous badge for your Activity app that certifies that you have been part of the active movement during International Women’s Day. A new badge that will be added to the ones you already have in your app, and if you have no good time to start moving the **** and improve your habits. We will keep you informed of all these challenges, we already tell you that as you intend to follow them all you will end up vitiating the Activity app and the rings of your Apple Watch.

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